Feminism Tuesday…Invasion of Privacy, Leaked Photos.

Yesterday, a whole barrage of alleged nude celebrity photos were leaked on 4chan, in a huge invasion of personal privacy. It happened after a particular 4chan user hacked many of their own phones, including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Victoria Justice. Within hours, celebrities and their PR people came forward to either deny or accept that the photos were real. Even some of the photos released were said to have been deleted from the phones, so how they got out makes the situation even worse. 


My point is that what we do with our bodies, even taking photos of ourselves like that (which I have to say is a great confidence booster!), is completely our decision, but those choices shouldn’t be exploited by others. Those photos were either intended to stay on that phone only or to be sent to one particular person, and then to never leave that person. Plus, using their photos without their permission is definitely not right either. 


It’s the same when particular pictures of celebrities are retouched/photoshopped without their permission. To show an unrealistic representation of naturally beautiful bodies anyway is morally wrong. It can make the person who was retouched feel ashamed about their body, like they need to retouch themselves in some way via diet or more exercise. It can also make the people exposed to the pictures, compare themselves and their bodies to the unrealistic and unnatural representation of that person’s body. 


If we can’t have any privacy in our lives, and share only particular moments with particular people, then what is life? Unfortunately, most of the damage has been done by now and many people have seen the pictures, but it gives an insight into how this could potentially be prevented in the future. Hopefully, the 4chan user who hacked and released the photos will be found and appropriately prosecuted/sued. 

It’s a tricky situation to be in, but I really hope it all gets sorted.


Cuteness Monday…Squirrels!

It’s that time of the week again. Unlike you jammy Americans who are enjoying Labor Day, us British still have a normal working week, so this post is especially for them. Motivation is much needed! So, I thought I’d do a special compilation of squirrel photos, for extra cuteness (love their little bushy tails!). 















Oh to be a squirrel…


TGIF… Time for a geeky recap!

Hi Everyone! It’s Friday, hurrah! As with every Friday, I’m rounding up the best and most exciting news in the realms of TV, movies, books, comics and other miscellaneous topics. 

1.) Danny Pink is confirmed as a new companion on Doctor Who!


It is definitely official now that this awesome dude will be playing in this season’s Doctor Who as a companion. He will make the slow transgression from being Clara’s colleague at the school, to joining them on the TARDIS. Although, it seems The Doctor isn’t too happy about this! You can watch him tomorrow in ”Into The Dalek”. 

2.) Series of new posters released, highlighting the rebels from Mockingjay.


Above is only just one of the six newly released posters for the third instalment of The Hunger Games. The posters feature Gale, Cressida, Pollox, Messalla, Boggs and Castor. The new film opens in cinemas in November. 

3.) Omen series set for production.


The former showrunner of The Walking Dead, Glen Mazzara, is resurrecting this horror into a series entitled ”Damien”. In the show, Damien has been supposedly brought up with no knowledge of his prophecy and thus must come to terms with it. There is no confirmed release date as of yet. 

4.) First stills of Paul Rudd in Ant-Man released.



The film is due for release next year, and production has started, so the obligatory teaser shot has to be released! Paul plays Scott Lang, the second man to take on the superhero role. In the film, the secrets of the superhero suit have to be protected, and Lang needs to help his mentor to do so. It’s set for release on July 17th 2015. 

5.) Netflix have bought streaming rights for The Blacklist.


After Breaking Bad was streamed on Netflix, it’s ratings doubled, so this is a great sign for this inventive TV series! They will be paying $2 million per episode, which a hefty price to pay, but so worth it for us Netflix worshippers!

That’s all for this week folks! Hope you have an amazing Friday whatever you’re doing! 


Scientific Discoveries… On a Friday!


Hey guys! Apologies for this being a day late but I’ve been doing research on lemurs! But here is my round up of the week’s most interesting science news! 

1.) Researchers are studying the growth of a new galaxy, 3 billion years after the big bang.


Researchers are now being able to track the development of the formation of a galaxy, in particular, of galaxy GOODS-N-774, or Sparky as it’s being affectionately called. It is an elliptical galaxy form, and is described as a ‘giant’. Because of it’s early stage of development, it’s creating around 300 stars a year, compared to around 10 a year from a developed galaxy. It was originally theorized that every galaxy starts off with a dense core, and develop from the inside out and thus expand. Sparky will hopefully allow scientists to test this theory and add more to how the big bang started off.


2.) A fossilised dinosaur nursery has been found.



This nursery contained at least 30 infant bones, and the bones of the ‘babysitter’ too! They were all members of a herbivore species, Psittacosaurus lujiatunensis. It poses a link between the babysitting behaviour of birds and dinosaur, cementing their evolutionary tracks. 


3.) Mystery of the sailing stones has been solved.


The stones in Death Valley move across the surface of the dried up lake (a playa), seemingly by themselves. These rocks are so heavy, about 320kg! They are moved by a combination of wind and ice sheets melting into a small pool of water. So, the culprit is floating ice, who knew?!

What do you think guys? What’s been the most noteworthy science news you’ve seen so far this week? Let me know! And I hope you have a fab Friday!


Random Topic Wednesday…Week 5 & 6 of Placement!

Hey guys! Sorry for not doing this last week, but I have been so busy! Anyway, I thought I would include the week I missed (week 5) in here as well as week 6, to keep you updated!

Monday (week 5)


There seems to be a certain knack to flying the birds. Full chick legs are given to birds of prey on falconry gloves, whilst owls are given up chick legs. Your arm also has to be horizontally straight in front you, with yourself angled to the side, so that the bird can fly and land easily on your glove. You must keep the reward food upright if it’s a bird of prey you are flying, as they have very curved beaks. After landing, you must turn to your left with your arm straight, and pull the jesses and training rope in front of your hand, so they can fly to the other person without getting tangled.

Wednesday (Week 5)


The two dogs that live on site (Quaver the PNG Singing dog, and Saxon the wolfdog), have to be walked twice a day together, and are kept in enclosures that are right beside each other. This is in the hope that they will begin to get along better and so can be let out at the same time through the centre.

Thursday (Week 5)


Chicks are de-yolked by squeezing from their stomachs to their bottoms (some animals can’t eat the yolk, some can), and pushing out the resulting yellow liquid and string. Normally, the yolk is still unabsorbed from the egg, and that’s why the chicks still contain it. Chick heads can also be chopped off sometimes for raccoon dogs and many of the other animals, and quails can be cut in half and hand fed to some animals, for enrichment. 

Friday (Week 5)


The reptiles are sprayed every day with water, so they can shed their skin, and gives hydration. It helps to loosen resistant skin, and thus allows it to shed. Their diet mainly consists of cabbage, some fruits, and other veggies. Also, when doing bird of prey experiences, make sure you do a few warm up flights first so the bird knows what’s happening and will abide to your command, and also will fly properly.

Tuesday (Week 6)


Many hedgehog casualities are brought in throughout the week (and many other species of animals, mainly owls/BOP), meaning that many ticks have to be removed. The ticks are killed in a long process by drowning them in water for at least two days. Unfortunately, sometimes there are too many ticks, or there can be maggots in the skin, which means that that hedgehog has to be put to sleep.

Wednesday (Week 6)


The marmosets are now on ZolCal-D, a calcium supplement with vitamin D, to give the remaining two better overall health since a couple tragically died. It can be given in squash, water, and even on grapes. Sometimes, during flight training, running flights are used to test and train the bird’s agility. They are usually performed by running with your gloved hand held out horizontally. The bird will have to try and land fast and stably while you’re still moving.



We had fun at the centre today, participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge, Donating half of the money raised by donations to throw a bucket over someone to ALS, and the other half to repairing the broken roof on the hospital! Quaver now has a door so we don’t have to traipse though Saxon’s enclosure to get him out!

Friday (Week 6)


The aviaries, which house the birds during the day, need to be cleaned out daily. During this, the baths/water bowls need to be cleaned and refilled, the perches need to be spray cleaned, and feathers/pellets/poo needs to be removed, and the nest box in the corner needs to be checked, cleaned and any bedding replaced. Then, chicks/mice/rats are pushed down the shoots to feed them.

So that’s it for those weeks! As I write this, I only have two/three more days left at the centre (week 7 has mainly been conducting research for my mini project for uni!), but I’m definitely going to be going back there again! Don’t forget to visit this great place, Gentleshaws Wildlife Centre, check it out online or on FaceBook!

Have a great Wednesday!


Feminist Tuesday…Embrace Your Singleness!

Being single shouldn’t be seen as a prison sentence, in fact, it should be seen as the exact opposite! You now have the freedom to go out and do whatever the hell you want with your crazy self. Remember that being single does not equal being alone. Even if you’re in a committed relationship, you can still feel all alone sometimes! And, whilst you’re single, it gives you the perfect opportunity to grow and improve on yourself. You can also explore what things you like, dislike and cement your opinions on a variety of subjects! 


When you’re single, you can discover more about yourself and love yourself in the process, warts and all. You can also move further than ever on the path to happiness. Take time to allow yourself to complete the journey and find yourself at the end. Embrace the time between relationships to date randomly (and not seriously, just to find what you like most), be crazy, sleep in, binge watch on Netflix! There are so many less restrictions put on you when you’re single than when you’re in a relationship, my favourite is the chance to be a slob throughout the day and to eat whatever the heck I want to! 


During this time you should prioritise your friends and spend as much time with them as possible, it’s great because you’re not having to split this time between them and your partner anymore! You have the time to do whatever you want to. If you want to read a whole book in one sitting, go ahead and do it! You have no more restrictions or obligations to another person. You can also explore what it is you like in the bedroom, as you’re now not tied down to monogamous sex! And your vibrator will become your best friend!


You can be a hell of a lot more spontaneous! Get on that last minute flight to Tokyo, yes please! And you definitely have more money to ‘treat yo self’. You can also focus more on your career, and getting to your dream job. I know I definitely get better grades, when I’m not distracted by a hunk of a man lying naked next to me in the bed in the morning! 


You literally can do anything you want, and be anything you want when you’re single. Feel empowered and don’t let anyone stop you feeling like that, no one! Go eat that cookie, go abseiling, go to that country you’ve always wanted to explore (bonus points if it’s a road trip!), watch that ‘awful’ reality TV show you’re ex used to always complain about. Do everything you want and more, embrace your singleness guys! It’s seriously the best time of your life!


Have a great Tuesday!!