Random Topic Wednesday…Week 5 & 6 of Placement!

Hey guys! Sorry for not doing this last week, but I have been so busy! Anyway, I thought I would include the week I missed (week 5) in here as well as week 6, to keep you updated!

Monday (week 5)


There seems to be a certain knack to flying the birds. Full chick legs are given to birds of prey on falconry gloves, whilst owls are given up chick legs. Your arm also has to be horizontally straight in front you, with yourself angled to the side, so that the bird can fly and land easily on your glove. You must keep the reward food upright if it’s a bird of prey you are flying, as they have very curved beaks. After landing, you must turn to your left with your arm straight, and pull the jesses and training rope in front of your hand, so they can fly to the other person without getting tangled.

Wednesday (Week 5)


The two dogs that live on site (Quaver the PNG Singing dog, and Saxon the wolfdog), have to be walked twice a day together, and are kept in enclosures that are right beside each other. This is in the hope that they will begin to get along better and so can be let out at the same time through the centre.

Thursday (Week 5)


Chicks are de-yolked by squeezing from their stomachs to their bottoms (some animals can’t eat the yolk, some can), and pushing out the resulting yellow liquid and string. Normally, the yolk is still unabsorbed from the egg, and that’s why the chicks still contain it. Chick heads can also be chopped off sometimes for raccoon dogs and many of the other animals, and quails can be cut in half and hand fed to some animals, for enrichment. 

Friday (Week 5)


The reptiles are sprayed every day with water, so they can shed their skin, and gives hydration. It helps to loosen resistant skin, and thus allows it to shed. Their diet mainly consists of cabbage, some fruits, and other veggies. Also, when doing bird of prey experiences, make sure you do a few warm up flights first so the bird knows what’s happening and will abide to your command, and also will fly properly.

Tuesday (Week 6)


Many hedgehog casualities are brought in throughout the week (and many other species of animals, mainly owls/BOP), meaning that many ticks have to be removed. The ticks are killed in a long process by drowning them in water for at least two days. Unfortunately, sometimes there are too many ticks, or there can be maggots in the skin, which means that that hedgehog has to be put to sleep.

Wednesday (Week 6)


The marmosets are now on ZolCal-D, a calcium supplement with vitamin D, to give the remaining two better overall health since a couple tragically died. It can be given in squash, water, and even on grapes. Sometimes, during flight training, running flights are used to test and train the bird’s agility. They are usually performed by running with your gloved hand held out horizontally. The bird will have to try and land fast and stably while you’re still moving.



We had fun at the centre today, participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge, Donating half of the money raised by donations to throw a bucket over someone to ALS, and the other half to repairing the broken roof on the hospital! Quaver now has a door so we don’t have to traipse though Saxon’s enclosure to get him out!

Friday (Week 6)


The aviaries, which house the birds during the day, need to be cleaned out daily. During this, the baths/water bowls need to be cleaned and refilled, the perches need to be spray cleaned, and feathers/pellets/poo needs to be removed, and the nest box in the corner needs to be checked, cleaned and any bedding replaced. Then, chicks/mice/rats are pushed down the shoots to feed them.

So that’s it for those weeks! As I write this, I only have two/three more days left at the centre (week 7 has mainly been conducting research for my mini project for uni!), but I’m definitely going to be going back there again! Don’t forget to visit this great place, Gentleshaws Wildlife Centre, check it out online or on FaceBook!

Have a great Wednesday!


Feminist Tuesday…Embrace Your Singleness!

Being single shouldn’t be seen as a prison sentence, in fact, it should be seen as the exact opposite! You now have the freedom to go out and do whatever the hell you want with your crazy self. Remember that being single does not equal being alone. Even if you’re in a committed relationship, you can still feel all alone sometimes! And, whilst you’re single, it gives you the perfect opportunity to grow and improve on yourself. You can also explore what things you like, dislike and cement your opinions on a variety of subjects! 


When you’re single, you can discover more about yourself and love yourself in the process, warts and all. You can also move further than ever on the path to happiness. Take time to allow yourself to complete the journey and find yourself at the end. Embrace the time between relationships to date randomly (and not seriously, just to find what you like most), be crazy, sleep in, binge watch on Netflix! There are so many less restrictions put on you when you’re single than when you’re in a relationship, my favourite is the chance to be a slob throughout the day and to eat whatever the heck I want to! 


During this time you should prioritise your friends and spend as much time with them as possible, it’s great because you’re not having to split this time between them and your partner anymore! You have the time to do whatever you want to. If you want to read a whole book in one sitting, go ahead and do it! You have no more restrictions or obligations to another person. You can also explore what it is you like in the bedroom, as you’re now not tied down to monogamous sex! And your vibrator will become your best friend!


You can be a hell of a lot more spontaneous! Get on that last minute flight to Tokyo, yes please! And you definitely have more money to ‘treat yo self’. You can also focus more on your career, and getting to your dream job. I know I definitely get better grades, when I’m not distracted by a hunk of a man lying naked next to me in the bed in the morning! 


You literally can do anything you want, and be anything you want when you’re single. Feel empowered and don’t let anyone stop you feeling like that, no one! Go eat that cookie, go abseiling, go to that country you’ve always wanted to explore (bonus points if it’s a road trip!), watch that ‘awful’ reality TV show you’re ex used to always complain about. Do everything you want and more, embrace your singleness guys! It’s seriously the best time of your life!


Have a great Tuesday!! 


Book Review Sunday…The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake.


Hi everyone, hope you’re enjoying the bank holiday weekend so far, even if it is a little chilly for August! I am just a couple of chapters off finishing the titular book so I thought I would make a review of it! 

It starts off with Rose Edelstein at 8 years old, with her impending 9th birthday coming up soon. Her mother decides to start baking a cake for her (lemon, naturally), another one of her ‘fads’ she goes through, just like woodworking later on (although that one finally sticks!). However, as Rose bites into a piece, her whole world turns upside down, as she can taste her mothers pain and worries through that one slice. 

For the next few weeks, this newly discovered skill of hers troubles her, she can taste anyone’s feelings, if they themselves make some food and serve it to her. She discovers through this the troubled misfortunes of her brother, her father’s own secret skill he’s never discovered himself. George, her brother Joe’s friend, becomes interested in her skill, and decided to help her to try it out on restaurant meals too, more specifically, cookies. 

It really is an outstanding story with an original concept. At first it starts off slow, then entices you in with more dazzling prose and superlative adjectives. If you can get past the first mismatched 60 pages, then you’re in for a treat! Overall, the book is mysterious and shows you how secrets exist within every family, and how the family dynamic changes after some of the secrets are unveiled or the members grow up. 

I totally sympathised with the family’s struggles, as I myself have witnessed first hand how a family can be broken down. I guess the story also emphasises the struggle with various mental disorders, and how many things are all in our heads. It removes the stigma and prejudice against these individuals and shows the real person stuck behind it all. It is truly empowering.

The novel is extremely complex, yet with no speech marks, it is extremely simple at the same time. I guess it also shows how complex relationships are when relations to each other are so simple. I’m extremely fortunate to have come across this book, as it leaves a lasting memory on your mind. If you want a thought provoking read, then this is the book for you!

Happy reading!


Cuteness Monday…Red Pandas!

I love Red Pandas, the underdogs of cuteness, as they are so seldom seen! But, they are uniquely coloured and fluffy, possessing mind altering powers within them that make you squee pretty hardcore. So, I thought I would collect together a few pictures of them to make your Monday seem a little brighter:













Have a Magical Monday guys! And don’t give up!


Film (Anime) Review Saturday!…Sword Art Online!

A couple of days ago, I finally got round to starting a well-loved anime, Sword Art Online. I know, I know, I’m a bit late to the party, but I watch so many series it’s hard to find the time! But I’m glad I found the time for this one! It’s pure genius.


The premise is that a company called NerveGear, has created a total online virtual world, with an Oculus style headpiece (which instead totally covers the whole head) which means that people are totally immersed in that world, and feel everything. Kirito is a young boy who was a Beta Tester for the game when it was in development, and became so attached to that world, he welcomes it back with open arms when it’s released properly.

However, in the Beta version, there was a log out button. Now, that button has been removed, and so the players who rushed out to buy it are now trapped in the game. When all the players are teleported to the central square in The Town of Beginnings, the main Game Master appears, and announces that no-one can return to the real world, unless they clear all 100 levels and the final boss monster!


He also announces the grim fact that if the NerveGear headpiece is removed, or if they are killed during the game, microwaves will fry their brains, and they will die in real life. Pretty messed up I think! While this is all going on, many of the player’s family members have tried to remove it and thus have died. All the remaining players are given a mirror, and their characters change automatically from their virtual selves to their real selves!

Many of the players team up to party together on missions clearing the levels, or they form guilds. Kirito prefers to be a solo player, and does very well in doing so, building his level up so high, that he gains a unique skill of dual blade wielding. However, at about level 70, he must team up with Asuna, a girl who he’s known since level 2, but who joined the Knights of the Blood and became very highly ranked and strong.


This is as it now becomes too difficult for a solo player to survive without back-up, and the game becomes more technical. However, Kirito is doubtful about joining a guild again after his last experience with the Moonlit Black Cats, which deaths he think he is responsible for as he didn’t reveal his skill level. After teaming up with Asuna for a couple of levels, they start to fall in love and thus, get married in the game, and stray away from the front lines for a while, while they enjoy this virtual world and all it’s – surprisingly – positive points.

I haven’t really got past this far yet, and I have about 15 more episodes to go of the first season (the second season is currently airing!), but I am absolutely infatuated with it. It’s completely mesmerising. It’s also great for binge watching, as it’s only 23 minutes an episode! It has magical imagery, and shows females in much more stronger roles, but still including much needed vulnerability. I’m itching to get watching some more!


Hope you’re having a great Saturday everyone!


Geek Round Up Friday… 15/8/14

As usual, we have loads of super cool news to tell you about films, tv, books and more! So read below, and tell me which one you’re most excited for!

1.) Power Rangers reboot set for July 2016 release date.


It is now known that Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz are penning the script, and Roberto Orci is the executive producer. It has been rumoured to be set straight from the seasons, and not started over completely, so avid fans will be in for a treat! 

2.) Marvel has released the video of baby Groot dancing, straight from The Guardians of the Galaxy.


You can now relive the cuteness over and over again just by watching the clip below, squeeee!:


3.) Second Godzilla film set for release in 2018.


If you loved the first reboot of the Godzilla franchise, then you’re going to love this! The second instalment is set for release in June 2018, and is said to be directed by Gareth Edwards. Eeek!

4.) Khal Drogo is confirmed as Aquaman.


AKA Jason Momoa, who will be making his superhero debut in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. And it is said for him to have a solo movie afterwards also! 

5.) Teenage Mutant NInja Turtles sequel announced.


The first reboot film has only just opened at cinemas, yet there’s already been confirmation of a sequel on the way, set for debut in June 2016! Michael Bay is also set to return as producer. 

Have a great weekend guys!