My Book Wishlist!

As you know, I am an avid reader of books., a bibliophile. At the moment I am reading 100 years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez which has been kindly lent to me by a friend. It’s brilliantly written, and the interconnecting stories of the family’s different generations give a deeper depth and complications to the story. However, I have a long list of books I would like to read in the future, some new, some old, so I thought I would give a collection of them here:

1.) The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton

Not only is the cover beautiful, it seems to be an epic telling of a story, as it spans 800 odd pages! In the story, a man leaves to make a living working on he goldmines of New Zealand, but he gets entangled in the mysterious unsolved crimes surrounding the area. It shows how all these crimes are interconnected due to the victims’ fates and fortunes.

2.) The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon

Described as a murder mystery novel, but with the focus on 15 year old Christopher, who has Asperger’s syndrome. This means he approaches the situation with intelligence but his communication with other people is deemed painful due to lack of understanding. However, he has not gone further than the end of his road, so when a neighbour’s dog is murdered he sets out on an adventure past that limit to discover what happened.

3.) The Summer of Letting Go by Gae Polisner

This is a story about how to stay strong when everything seems to be going wrong as hope and love can both appear unexpectedly. A little boy named Frankie appears and she believes that he may be the reincarnation of her little brother she lost a few years back. Knowing Frankie means that she begins to forgive herself and starts living her life the way she should.

Anyway, I think that’s enough books for now, there are many more I’d love to read, and I wish I could read them all, but that seems unlikely in the short lives us humans have. So, have a great Monday everyone, and don’t forget to read and expand your minds!

Need a Little Faith?

So this week has been a little disheartening. I’ve spent the whole week a ill and still been running around like a headless chicken and trying to cheer people up. But I’ve been lacking my own ray of sunshine and feeling let down. But here are four short stories from my week about things that have slowly restored my faith.

1. It started off with a chocolate bunny and a sage flavoured sweet. My lovely flatmate is a regular schkolade sharer but one particularly bad day with my being ill at a peak and the prospect of going into work the next day an all time low moment it was all I needed and in the shape of a tiny rabbit. My flatmate is very German and so was the sage sugar-free menthol sweet that followed but the schokolade, the sweetie and sage bon bon gave me enough of a pick me up to go and do something useful.

2.On my way into the impending shift, cough causing disruption to the looks of passengers on the bus and clouds threatening rain as my tied back hair did not care I stopped into the shop for water. As I left there was a lady ahead of me who had also just been shopping and proceeded to give a homeless man a bag of food. It’s one of the only times I’ve ever seen a person like that smile, for good reason. Homelessness is something I can’t comprehend given the riches of so many. But greed is a terrible thing. I may not have much money but when I don’t get the bus and walk into town I try and do something with the money that will help someone who needs its more than I need public transport. We can all do something to help and this woman is a prime example. Putting a coffee aside at a cafe for a person who can’t buy their own, picking up a little extra when buying food of any kind, giving away the loose change you’ll probably waste anyway or even just saying sorry if you don’t have any and acknowledging that they are a human being. So much can help.

3. It’s not all about the money. I stepped of the coach, half way home after a 4am start and rang a taxi. Two minutes later, backpack re-arranged and mentally prepared for the train stage of my journey I get a call. It’s the taxi driver. He rang to sat that although he usually wouldn’t decline the business I was a two minute walk away from the train station and he gave me full directions. Upon reaching the station I got a call to check I’d arrived and to say that if I ever needed a taxi in that area again to give them a call. This was followed by a very friendly coffee Barista and an extra smile on my face when realising how lovely people can be.

4. Finally home, tired and still coughing like I was trying impatiently to get someone’s attention without will, I settled to unpack and played with the cat. An hour later my brother came down and asked if I wanted to go shopping where he really spoilt me. From medicine to cookies I have enough to keep me going until the rest of my family return from their holiday and even longer. I have the best big brother ever but it got better. I got home and unpacked the shopping and told my brother I was going to his house to cook for him. Ten minutes later and I’m sorting out the mountains of washing that I bought home and he not only fetches that but takes me over to his where he’s already started the cooking. I insisted on finishing it because he’s put my washing in before I’d even asked, set the table and made sure there was a good amount of colourful things on the plate. After lunch he hung up my washing before I realised he’s moved and fetched DVD’s for me to take home and watch. When he then accompanied this with chocolate it is safe to say I nearly teared up. The relief and amazement of having someone look after me and really show they care and this being mixed with it being one of my hero’s anyway was the best feeling I could have returned to. I love my big brother and coming home has reminded me how much my entire family mean to me because they don’t have to show they care but they never fail to.

I know my faith is restored but I hope this helped you consider all those things that restore yours.

Have a story of your own? We’d love to hear about it.

Happy Sunday Night, Have a Wonderful Monday

Daisy x


Take a break from the internet!


It’s good sometimes to not have the internet, here’s why:

1.) You can focus on strengthening relationships.

This is as not having the internet means that you can actually listen to what the person is saying and you’re not getting distracted.

2.) You’ll become less worried.

Not having constant connections to everywhere in the world means that you don’t feel as pressured by the 24/7 lifestyle we have been lead to believe is what we should strive for. Take a break and disconnect every once in a while!

3.) You can focus on having hobbies.

Not having the internet means that you can focus on improving skills or trying that new knitting class you’ve been wanting to try! I know when I do this I focus on my art.

These are only a couple reasons but there are so many more to mention. So disconnect for a day or so a week and see how it improves your life!

Why I love creative writing…

Since childhood I’ve always had a huge imagination. I would get out my notepad and pens and start scribbling down some fantasy story inspired by the books I read at that age (I’ve also always been a bibliophile throughout my whole life). Just creating the characters and their personal stories would be as entertaining as reading a book. I guess this was as in both situations you could create the characters in your mind how you wanted them to look. It was magical to create a world within the world we live in.

Nowadays I still feel that magic, although it’s intertwined with my own experiences bleeding into the stories, whether by accident or on purpose. It’s also coupled usually with many cups of tea and many breaks to nap. Maybe perchance to dream, of new scenarios in my stories. I’ve also started to write a full novel now, something totally new to a short story person like myself. But I am enjoying the process immensely as it gives me a break from the rush of life around me, to focus on a fictional one.

I feel like a story is like a piece of music that flows from note to note, giving different meanings to different people, each melody or symphony being a different character and their parallel story. That’s the beauty of creative writing, your story will be interpreted so many different ways and your characters will be differently seen by each person that reads their stories.

Another way to describe it is by comparing it to the timescale of a day. Colours change throughout the whole of a day, like the characters change throughout a book and grow. There is a climax, midday. And maybe problems scattered throughout if there is rain and clouds. But it all comes to a peaceful conclusion in the end as the moon rises to make way for the night.

I just hope that at least at one point through everybody’s lives, they can experience the joy of creating their own universe, to have the childlike wonder and imagination back if only for a second.

Have a great Sunday everyone.

Heather x

Reasons to have a pajama day!


It’s Sunday! The best day of the week! If you’ve had a stressful week, it’s a good idea to spend some quality time with your bed. Give yourself a break, put on a good movie, get some snacks in, and get comfy! If you still can’t convince yourself, especially if that pile of laundry is giving you serious side eye, then here are some reasons to try and convince you:

You can catch up on that TV show you watch, or start a marathon of the one you always wanted to get round to watching.

You can sit cuddled up beneath a blanket with a good book and not be disturbed.

You can make time for a blog post, just like me!

You can eat breakfast for dinner!

You have an excuse to cuddle your partner/pet for hours on end! SNUGGLE TIME!

If you have kids, you can spend time with them that you can’t usually have during the week.

So, hopefully those reasons gave you an excuse to have a break today. You all deserve it!




The main drive behind my anxiety and I imagine most peoples is the way we feel about ourselves, whether that be in terms of deep insecurity of the way that we critically judge ourselves on every decision that we make or on consequences of events that affect us that we had no control over to begin with. 

The key is to maintain a healthy balance of self confidence and self worth alongside a balanced critical view of yourself. By this i mean not to judge yourself too harshly if things go badly as if you tried your best then that’s all you can ask of yourself and by reminding yourself that you did your best, you help to ease your anxiety and prevent yourself looking at alternative outcomes which would only make you feel worse. Furthermore you should only ever judge yourself properly if you believe something you did was against your morals or hurt the feelings of another human in some way or if you didn’t try your best. 

Clearing your mind is another great way to help anxiety. Going for walks without your phone and on your own allows you to completely disconnect from the world, calm down and truly assess a situation that is generating anxiety logically and rationally, limiting conflicting emotions that can sway your decisions in a illogical irrational way. A second opinion on a situation can also be very valuable especially if its from someone you can trust. They can help you to assess the situation and see if you are viewing things from a rational perspective.