3 Horror Novels to Read this Autumn!

To carry on the horror theme of my topics this weekend, I thought I’d make a list of the best horror books to read to scare yourself silly this coming autumn! So, after some thorough research, here are my picks:

1.) Let The Right One In – John Lindqvist.


A classically updated vampire novel, which follows the curiosity of a little boy on his new neighbours next door. The book oozes creepiness, and not in a cliched way. It fully entails what it’s like to be human, and not human at the same time. If you like creepy, you can get more than your fair share from this book.

2.) NOS4A2 – Joe Hill.


A totally suspenseful novel, about supernatural disappearances and hidden children. It tells us about memories of a troubled past that beg to be forgotten, and how people’s lives eventually intertwine again. It tells of magic, and how love can come from the darkest places. Creepy and sweet.

3.) Coraline – Neil Gaiman.


Childish yet intensely eerie, this book encompasses the phrase ”the grass isn’t always greener on the other side”. It shows the foolishness of curiosity and shows claustrophobia in a different sense of the word (trapped in a different world). The protagonist grows up along her journey and begins to appreciate what she already has in life. 

I know that that is only a short list, but as I’m not a horror novel reader myself, I thought I’d have a brief look at what’s on offer out there. And, to be honest I think I’ll be trying a few out! 

One comment

  1. cageofedenaddict · September 7, 2014

    Try Charlie Higson Enemy series another book comes out in September and the series is really good it’s ya though.

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