Random Topic Wednesday…Week 5 & 6 of Placement!

Hey guys! Sorry for not doing this last week, but I have been so busy! Anyway, I thought I would include the week I missed (week 5) in here as well as week 6, to keep you updated!

Monday (week 5)


There seems to be a certain knack to flying the birds. Full chick legs are given to birds of prey on falconry gloves, whilst owls are given up chick legs. Your arm also has to be horizontally straight in front you, with yourself angled to the side, so that the bird can fly and land easily on your glove. You must keep the reward food upright if it’s a bird of prey you are flying, as they have very curved beaks. After landing, you must turn to your left with your arm straight, and pull the jesses and training rope in front of your hand, so they can fly to the other person without getting tangled.

Wednesday (Week 5)


The two dogs that live on site (Quaver the PNG Singing dog, and Saxon the wolfdog), have to be walked twice a day together, and are kept in enclosures that are right beside each other. This is in the hope that they will begin to get along better and so can be let out at the same time through the centre.

Thursday (Week 5)


Chicks are de-yolked by squeezing from their stomachs to their bottoms (some animals can’t eat the yolk, some can), and pushing out the resulting yellow liquid and string. Normally, the yolk is still unabsorbed from the egg, and that’s why the chicks still contain it. Chick heads can also be chopped off sometimes for raccoon dogs and many of the other animals, and quails can be cut in half and hand fed to some animals, for enrichment. 

Friday (Week 5)


The reptiles are sprayed every day with water, so they can shed their skin, and gives hydration. It helps to loosen resistant skin, and thus allows it to shed. Their diet mainly consists of cabbage, some fruits, and other veggies. Also, when doing bird of prey experiences, make sure you do a few warm up flights first so the bird knows what’s happening and will abide to your command, and also will fly properly.

Tuesday (Week 6)


Many hedgehog casualities are brought in throughout the week (and many other species of animals, mainly owls/BOP), meaning that many ticks have to be removed. The ticks are killed in a long process by drowning them in water for at least two days. Unfortunately, sometimes there are too many ticks, or there can be maggots in the skin, which means that that hedgehog has to be put to sleep.

Wednesday (Week 6)


The marmosets are now on ZolCal-D, a calcium supplement with vitamin D, to give the remaining two better overall health since a couple tragically died. It can be given in squash, water, and even on grapes. Sometimes, during flight training, running flights are used to test and train the bird’s agility. They are usually performed by running with your gloved hand held out horizontally. The bird will have to try and land fast and stably while you’re still moving.



We had fun at the centre today, participating in the ALS ice bucket challenge, Donating half of the money raised by donations to throw a bucket over someone to ALS, and the other half to repairing the broken roof on the hospital! Quaver now has a door so we don’t have to traipse though Saxon’s enclosure to get him out!

Friday (Week 6)


The aviaries, which house the birds during the day, need to be cleaned out daily. During this, the baths/water bowls need to be cleaned and refilled, the perches need to be spray cleaned, and feathers/pellets/poo needs to be removed, and the nest box in the corner needs to be checked, cleaned and any bedding replaced. Then, chicks/mice/rats are pushed down the shoots to feed them.

So that’s it for those weeks! As I write this, I only have two/three more days left at the centre (week 7 has mainly been conducting research for my mini project for uni!), but I’m definitely going to be going back there again! Don’t forget to visit this great place, Gentleshaws Wildlife Centre, check it out online or on FaceBook!

Have a great Wednesday!

Feminist Tuesday…Embrace Your Singleness!

Being single shouldn’t be seen as a prison sentence, in fact, it should be seen as the exact opposite! You now have the freedom to go out and do whatever the hell you want with your crazy self. Remember that being single does not equal being alone. Even if you’re in a committed relationship, you can still feel all alone sometimes! And, whilst you’re single, it gives you the perfect opportunity to grow and improve on yourself. You can also explore what things you like, dislike and cement your opinions on a variety of subjects! 


When you’re single, you can discover more about yourself and love yourself in the process, warts and all. You can also move further than ever on the path to happiness. Take time to allow yourself to complete the journey and find yourself at the end. Embrace the time between relationships to date randomly (and not seriously, just to find what you like most), be crazy, sleep in, binge watch on Netflix! There are so many less restrictions put on you when you’re single than when you’re in a relationship, my favourite is the chance to be a slob throughout the day and to eat whatever the heck I want to! 


During this time you should prioritise your friends and spend as much time with them as possible, it’s great because you’re not having to split this time between them and your partner anymore! You have the time to do whatever you want to. If you want to read a whole book in one sitting, go ahead and do it! You have no more restrictions or obligations to another person. You can also explore what it is you like in the bedroom, as you’re now not tied down to monogamous sex! And your vibrator will become your best friend!


You can be a hell of a lot more spontaneous! Get on that last minute flight to Tokyo, yes please! And you definitely have more money to ‘treat yo self’. You can also focus more on your career, and getting to your dream job. I know I definitely get better grades, when I’m not distracted by a hunk of a man lying naked next to me in the bed in the morning! 


You literally can do anything you want, and be anything you want when you’re single. Feel empowered and don’t let anyone stop you feeling like that, no one! Go eat that cookie, go abseiling, go to that country you’ve always wanted to explore (bonus points if it’s a road trip!), watch that ‘awful’ reality TV show you’re ex used to always complain about. Do everything you want and more, embrace your singleness guys! It’s seriously the best time of your life!


Have a great Tuesday!! 

Science developments this past week!

I apologise for this being a bit late, but here are some recent developments in the world of science! Enjoy!

1.) A blood test could now diagnose depression.


A new study has suggested that certain biomarkers in the blood could be indicators for depression. Serotonin is the main indicator as any drop in levels induce depressive characteristics. Serotonin transporter proteins take the serotonin to where it is needed, but they can be harmful if they reabsorb the serotonin.

Reference: http://www.iflscience.com/brain/new-blood-test-could-diagnose-depression

2.) A new element has been confirmed.


Element 117’s existence has finally been confirmed. It was produced by shooting calcium atoms at berkelium atoms (so 20 + 97 atomic numbers = 117). It is still not yet, however, been placed on to the periodic table.

Reference: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn25517-elusive-element-117-now-closer-to-periodic-table-glory.html#.U2T7SNdwbIU

3.) Snails are dissolving in the Pacific ocean.


The oceans are becoming more acidic, and as a result, snail shells are dissolving. The increased acidity is due to rising carbon dioxide levels. More than half of the shells in the study showed dissolution.

Reference: http://news.sciencemag.org/biology/2014/05/snails-are-dissolving-pacific-ocean

My first week #100happydays

So I’ve just completed the first week of the 100 happy days challenge! So, I thought I would share my week in pictures with you!

Friday (day 1)


This was the night I spontaneously decided to go pole dancing with a friend! I have to tell you, my legs ached afterwards the next day!

Saturday (day 2)


We took the Leonbergers and Alsatian on a walk around the countryside! I saw a Heron and a Kestrel!

Sunday (day 3) *on instagram, was a picture of my Easter gifts to my housemates!

Monday (day 4)


I spontaneously decided to dip dye my hair!

Tuesday (day 5)


I went to McDonald’s after finishing a two hour exam and got an ice cream, as it was a sunny day! 🙂

Wednesday (day 6)


I relaxed as my first day of being single with a comic book and a takeaway with the housemates!

Thursday (day 7)


I went shopping this day and got a new outfit! Then later on went on a much needed night out!

Friday (day 8)


My tea of haggis filled chicken, wrapped in bacon! My dinner when I got to my dad’s in Scotland after a two and a half hour train journey!

So, there was my first week of the challenge. It’s hard some days to remember to take a photo for it! But, it is so worth it! Have a great weekend guys!

Heather x


#100 Happy Days

If you’ve been on an social media platform recently, you might have seen this hashtag trending: #100happydays. People have been taking pictures every day for a 100 days to highlight the happy moments of their days. It is said to make you more appreciative of their lives and make them more optimistic. It is true that if you notice what good things you have in your life, you’re more likely to be happy.

If you want to sign up for it (you can get a book containing all 100 of your happy days in picture form at the end), this is the website: http://100happydays.com/

I have signed up myself and it has lead me to think about what things make me happy! So here are a few of mine:

1.) Cuddles


I don’t know what it is about these, but anytime I get one I feel safe and happy, and all my worries have gone away. I especially enjoy them with my boyfriend, my happy place!

2.) Dancing


Sounds random, but seriously, try it! Once you start, you become instantly happy.Bonus points for dancing with friends.

3.) Books


You all already know this, but I am such a bibliophile! I get completely lost in the worlds that authors create, and when the characters are happy, I’m happy!

4.) Buying and giving people gifts


I always prefer giving gifts to people than receiving them. It must be the reaction on their faces when they receive it that gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling!

5.) Friends and Family


I now know who are my true friends, and my family, who will always support me no matter what. They know how to cheer me up and what to do when I’m feeling down.

Hopefully this has inspired you to look at your life in a more optimistic way! When my 100 days of the challenge are over, I will make sure to make a post about it containing some of the pictures!

Happy Friday!

Heather x

An Easter For Everyone, Symbols of the Occasion!

So after a small hiatus from everything to due an unfortunate spell of ill health I decided it was time to return with a lovely origin story about Easter and a few things you might not know about the celebration,



I found this image the other day after wandering around on one of my favourite Facebook pages to while away some travel time.

So today we celebrate not only the Christian resurrection but also the celebration of fertility and sex. What better way to celebrate than with chocolate, good food and family. 

But let’s take a look at some of the traditional things we associate with Easter:

Ishtar or Eostre links from the roots mentioned above to paganism and so on to Christianity as time went by. What they have in common is a resurrection. Wonderful myths and legends about how the son (sun) died on a cross (The constellation of the Southern cross) and resurrection was an overcoming of darkness. This was symbolized by many figures over time including the earlier Egyptian God Horus who has a beautifully rich history and meaning of his own.


Not only is Easter a wonderful way to celebrate your chosen religion but it is also widely celebrated in secular culture as the spring equinox. So Whoever you are and what ever beliefs you hold today is a wonderful day.

  • Church Services, Rise and Shine!

Traditional Christian sunrise services originated from the pagan solar celebrations. Although the dates are not set as such it is a note of springs arrival with the sunny days getting longer and the nights shorter it’s not just a day of celebration but the start of months of beautiful weather. Get up early, greet the day and make the most even if it is the season for April showers.


  • Bunnies

The Easter bunny as with most traditional elements is associated with paganism but founded in the Norse religions and comes from Eostre the Goddess symbolising and celebrated in the month of April whose symbol was a hare. It is the time for baby bunnies after all. Then there’s the Easter bunny, who delivers the eggs to children and of course like most fairytale’s this comes from Germany. Alongside the edible bunnies we would more often find in European countries. The Tale of Osterhase or the Easter Bunny as we know him in English is one of a rabbit who would lay brightly coloured eggs in nests that children would make should they have behave themselves. It’s like the Santa of springtime with a little more chocolate and perhaps a bit more terrifying if some of the costumes are to go by!



  • Hot Cross Buns: The Defiance of Pagan woman.

These treats were originally bakes on Easter to celebrate and worship Gods but religious leaders attempted to put a stop to it. Alas anyone who bakes will know the persistence you feel not only with your recipes but the repeat of their enjoyment when you find one that works, and that’s exactly what the ladies of this time did until the point at which the cakes became blessed. A note to never give up on a good cause because someone will make a change eventually. These buns obviously eventually became a symbol of the cross in Christian traditions but more to the point they are a great thing to make with your younger relatives to get them into the tradition and also to share with those you love as part of the celebration. Not to mention how they turned into a nursery rhyme from ye olden days!

  •  Easter Eggs!

A foil wrapped chocolate treat that’s fun to break and even better to eat. From Easter egg hunts you never quite get to old for to the family members delivering them as you excitedly anticipate the day you get to eat them, studying the bright coloured boxes and potential hyperactivity waiting inside as you wait. If you partake in lent then it may be even great cause after a 40 days and nights of fasting. You could even make and decorate your own eggs in some way, here’s a link with some ideas. The egg symbolises new life, fertility and the circle of life. A wonderful thank you to nature and being.


However you choose to celebrate whether it be Easter crafts, a family meal or a relaxed day at home to catch up on a few things I hope you have an eggstra special day (I’m sorry, I had too!).

I really enjoyed learning new things about the meaning of Easter and how lovely it is to know how long it has been around and how it has adapted to be a celebration for all to enjoy!




Need a Little Faith?

So this week has been a little disheartening. I’ve spent the whole week a ill and still been running around like a headless chicken and trying to cheer people up. But I’ve been lacking my own ray of sunshine and feeling let down. But here are four short stories from my week about things that have slowly restored my faith.

1. It started off with a chocolate bunny and a sage flavoured sweet. My lovely flatmate is a regular schkolade sharer but one particularly bad day with my being ill at a peak and the prospect of going into work the next day an all time low moment it was all I needed and in the shape of a tiny rabbit. My flatmate is very German and so was the sage sugar-free menthol sweet that followed but the schokolade, the sweetie and sage bon bon gave me enough of a pick me up to go and do something useful.

2.On my way into the impending shift, cough causing disruption to the looks of passengers on the bus and clouds threatening rain as my tied back hair did not care I stopped into the shop for water. As I left there was a lady ahead of me who had also just been shopping and proceeded to give a homeless man a bag of food. It’s one of the only times I’ve ever seen a person like that smile, for good reason. Homelessness is something I can’t comprehend given the riches of so many. But greed is a terrible thing. I may not have much money but when I don’t get the bus and walk into town I try and do something with the money that will help someone who needs its more than I need public transport. We can all do something to help and this woman is a prime example. Putting a coffee aside at a cafe for a person who can’t buy their own, picking up a little extra when buying food of any kind, giving away the loose change you’ll probably waste anyway or even just saying sorry if you don’t have any and acknowledging that they are a human being. So much can help.

3. It’s not all about the money. I stepped of the coach, half way home after a 4am start and rang a taxi. Two minutes later, backpack re-arranged and mentally prepared for the train stage of my journey I get a call. It’s the taxi driver. He rang to sat that although he usually wouldn’t decline the business I was a two minute walk away from the train station and he gave me full directions. Upon reaching the station I got a call to check I’d arrived and to say that if I ever needed a taxi in that area again to give them a call. This was followed by a very friendly coffee Barista and an extra smile on my face when realising how lovely people can be.

4. Finally home, tired and still coughing like I was trying impatiently to get someone’s attention without will, I settled to unpack and played with the cat. An hour later my brother came down and asked if I wanted to go shopping where he really spoilt me. From medicine to cookies I have enough to keep me going until the rest of my family return from their holiday and even longer. I have the best big brother ever but it got better. I got home and unpacked the shopping and told my brother I was going to his house to cook for him. Ten minutes later and I’m sorting out the mountains of washing that I bought home and he not only fetches that but takes me over to his where he’s already started the cooking. I insisted on finishing it because he’s put my washing in before I’d even asked, set the table and made sure there was a good amount of colourful things on the plate. After lunch he hung up my washing before I realised he’s moved and fetched DVD’s for me to take home and watch. When he then accompanied this with chocolate it is safe to say I nearly teared up. The relief and amazement of having someone look after me and really show they care and this being mixed with it being one of my hero’s anyway was the best feeling I could have returned to. I love my big brother and coming home has reminded me how much my entire family mean to me because they don’t have to show they care but they never fail to.

I know my faith is restored but I hope this helped you consider all those things that restore yours.

Have a story of your own? We’d love to hear about it.

Happy Sunday Night, Have a Wonderful Monday

Daisy x


The Birds and The Bees: Springtime Revelations

I learnt a few things today and those things look like this:

1. When your male flatmate asks you how to iron a shirt you know you’re going to end up doing it for him (And Tying his bow tie).


2. When someone asks you what an epilator is and all you can say is that it’s like multiple tweezers attached together with a power cord you probably shouldn’t be using one.

A male friend (Who would not know the pain and sheer effort us ladybugs go through to achieve smooth legs…and other places) asked me what one was and that’s the only way I can describe it. There are no words for my after-thoughts other than Owch, why do I do that to myself!

3. Gradual fake tan is not the best idea…ever!

Sometime you get a little tired of blending with the weather and I am endlessly an English Rose in complexion (much to my dismay, not demeanor) so I tried to apply some gradual tan and four hours later I am in need of a severe exfoliation and a cup of tea to calm my nerves!

4. No-one has invented a cure for being irrevocably restless while you wait for something to de-frost/ someone to reply/ tomorrow. I would love to see an invention that can occupy my constantly active mind, body & soul while I’m waiting. Even Pinterest hasn’t cut-it lately!

5. I am, much to my dismay, still allergic to dark chocolate and as a result caffeine (a.k.a thank goodness for strawberry laces)

When I was fourteen I found out I was allergic to caffeine, fizzy drinks, Cheese (Apart from on pizza strangely!) and Most types of chocolate and bath products. Bye Bye Dr Pepper and Lush Bombs. This means I had to take up decaf and herbal teas, good quality milk chocolate and organic moisturized skincare. It’s healthy yes but endlessly to my dismay. Every 7 years I have heard rumour that ones body resets itself in a way, but much to my misfortune after an attempt at dark chocolate it was not in that way. Ahh well, maybe when I’m 26 (perish the thought).

6. Exercising fully before you start your day doesn’t quite feel the same as at the end of a day removing the last bits of energy for motivation.

I love starting the day with a small yoga routine and ending it before my nightly session of e-mails and Instagramming with a really good hour of toning exercises to get rid of any remaining tension and energy. It’s the most satisfying way to end up in your pj’s at 9pm with a tub of Ben&Jerry’s you swear you wont eat all of and still not feel guilty.

7. My friend from Bulgaria loves to read Philosophical and Classic books just as much as I do, although we both agree that flimsy women are a no-go! ❤

Image (Jane Eyre)

8. Floral skirts are every honorary Welsh Girls dream because they look fantastic with Wellies Even in weather like this:Image 


9. Saying you have Herpes is not an effective way to stop people using your cutlery in a student flat (As my favorite flat sister found out!). 

We have a notorious cutlery user who does not wash things up *sighs* and the methods to prevent this are getting more extreme without the storage of things in our rooms. My clothes refuse to make space for my forks, it’s an endless disaster.

10. Honey is magical…From banana and blueberry muffins to a peppermint tea after a long day of classes and establishing that we never really know anything. (And I love bees <3)



We now have a contact us page *shiny loveliness* so please let us know if you learnt anything awesome today 🙂

Lots of Love from me and my hurty brain!

Daisy x


Check It Out Tuesday: Little Boxes


Yesterday a friend told me about these boxes (Click Here).

They Deliver to your door each month a randomized and fun selection of things. It’s like an adult goody bag and I’m quite taken by the idea.

From Cool tech devices and beauty products to things that make your dog happy; it’s pretty darned cool.

Happy Tuesday,

Daisy x

3 Mini Motivations: Mothers’ Day Edition


Here we are again and it’s Mothering Sunday. I had 14 hours sleep last night and it was fantastic, but it also meant I did not wake in time to call my mommabear before she disappeared for the day with my dearest big brother!

I sent my card two weeks in advance and have been a fantastic daughter and offered to re-decorate the entire house, in three weeks, when I go home for Easter! (I think I was guilt-tripped)

My Three Mini-Motivations for this week all involve Le Matriach.

Numero Uno. This video. Thank You Mother’s Everywhere. You show us how to love, how to care because you posses those beautiful qualities yourself. You are the strongest people we know and love us unconditionally whatever you have going on and today is the day to show endless gratitude because it’s there all the time. We just need reminding to say thank you sometimes.

#2. Image

You can get Mothers’ Day cards from your pets. (Feeling a little bit unloved by my cat right now ;))

And Finally (Number 3), To my own lovely mum:

A mother’s bond it does not break,

yet what of love that does not take?

A flower seed to decompose,

But endlessly soothed by the word’s a mother knows.


Call her, take her out for the day, say thank you in some way. Remind her of something you are endlessly grateful for and let her know in return that even though there is not a thing you must return, you would without a second doubt give her the world like she did for you.

I love my mum and always will and appreciation I can never express!

Have a beautiful day,

Daisy x