The Monday Momentum Once Again!

We’ve reached an impass.

It’s Monday night and I’m sat on my bedroom floor considering that this time two days ago it would have been 21:35. ¬†We lost a whole hour and my mind won’t settle to it. I’ve become the most terrible type of insomniac…I sleep but my dreams speak for all the extras hours I’ve lost.

My environment of late is toxic so I spend much more time in my room.

My Motivation at the moment belongs in a playlist and as many books as I can read that don’t fill my thoughts awake with academics.

So to share a few things today I have not words but a list of songs (listen to them when your view is lit by a beautiful sunshine or you’re feeling reflective):

  • Fools- Lauren Aquilina
  • Eet- Regina Spektor
  • The Way I Am- Ingrid Michealson
  • Breathe (2am)- Anna Nalick
  • Heal Over- KT Tunstall
  • Candy- Paolo Nutini
  • Atlas Hands- Benjamin Francis Leftwich
  • High Hopes- Kodaline
  • Bikes- Lucy Rose
  • Into The Wild- Lewis Watson
  • Riptide- Vance Joy
  • Obsessions- Marina and The diamonds


Daisy x