Scientific Discoveries…(25/9/14)!

It’s the most interesting time of the week again! Time to round up some of the week’s most fascinating news stories. From brain cells to chimps, it’s been another science filled week!

1.) Discovery of a new brain cell shape!


Pyramidenzelle cells have recently been discovered by scientists, in the brain. Unusually, in this new type of cell, the axon arises from one of the dendrites, directly. This is very unusual for a neuronal cell. The cell can propagate small stimuli and activate neuronal zones efficiently. Further research is being made into the biological processes affected by these cells.


2.) Exo-Neptune contains water in it’s atmosphere.


Exo-Neptune are Neptune sized planets that exists outside of our solar system, and water vapour has been detected in it’s atmosphere. Hydrogen, oxygen, and some heavier elements were also found on HAT-P-11b. This is the first exo-Neptune to have it’s atmospherical composition discovered.


3.) Chimps which have been raised by humans, could have problems in later life.


Long term removement from other chimps and caring for by humans, has even longer term negative effects on the chimps. Less contact with other chimps, in the study, meant less grooming and less normal sexual activity. More detail can be found in the article below!


That’s my round-up for the week, make sure to be here next week for my brief round-up of the week’s science-y stuff! 

Feminism Tuesday… #HeForShe


The video above has been making it’s rounds on social media over the past couple of days, and rightly so, as it sends out a positive message and redefines feminism for anyone who thought it was for ‘man-haters’.


It also shows that men need to be involved too, as this is a inequality issue, not just for one sex or race, but for everyone in this world. It implores men of all backgrounds to sign up to ‘take action’, and add their names to an ever-growing list, to show that men support feminism too.

”It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals.”

She shows in this statement, that both genders should be seen together, and not as two separate entities. They should be treated equally, and also show the world that gender is not binary, and that there are many ways people view gender, such as identifying as trans.

”Men don’t have the benefits of equality either.”

Contrary to popular belief, feminism also focuses on men’s rights, and what affects them. She urges them to join the movement, so that they don’t have to feel like they have to be stereotypically masculine, or that they can’t show emotion.

‘Both men and women should feel free to feel sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong.”

In the same vein as the previous quote, she tells us to embrace our feelings regardless of our gender stereotypes. In the same way, girls should be allowed to be girly, and boys should be allowed to be manly. You should be able to be who you want to be.


The point of the speech is that everyone should be involved for the fight for equality, and that we need everyone’s support to make this change. What a totally empowering speech, and I am so pleased that someone is finally making a stand against people who give feminism a bad name.

Cuteness Monday…Penguins!

Happy Monday everyone! I like Mondays now as I’m off for the day from uni. However, I know a lot of you dread Mondays now because of work and long days! So, to help you get through it, I compiled a few pictures of penguins, because they’re absolutely adorable and sure to put a smile on your face!








Emperor Penguin chick  Aptenodytes forsteri October 2006





Hope that perked up your Monday morning/afternoon a little more and motivates you to get stuff done! Have a great day guys!

Cuteness Monday…Snakes Wearing Hats!

I loved this trend when it first emerged and had it’s own Tumblr, it shows that snakes can actually be cute too! I’m going to apologise in advance now for any days I don’t blog as I’m starting to get quite busy here at uni, and life gets in the way! I will try as hard as I can to blog as much as I can!













Aren’t they adorable?! A little motivation for your Monday morning! Have a great week everybody!!

TV I’m Binge Watching this Month

Happy Saturday guys! How are you enjoying your weekend? If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been binge watching your favourite TV shows. Did you hear about Gilmore Girls coming to Netflix?! Exciting! Anyway, here’s my top three shows I’m marathoning this month.

1.) Extant


A whole host of conspiracy theories are thrown about after Molly Woods comes back pregnant after a 13 month solo mission into space. She desperately tries to investigate the ISEA after she comes into contact with another astronaut who experienced a similar thing on his solo mission. But the main question you should ask yourself before watching this is whether the baby is human or not. It’s brilliant with loads of twists and turns and not knowing who’s on what side.

2.) Arrow


After an accident at sea that killed his millionaire father, Oliver Queen is stranded for 5 years on a deserted island. When he is finally rescued however, he becomes a masked vigilante for the city, and has acquired new skills, and even some superhero capabilities. His alter ego begins to appear on the news, as he goes around righting the wrongs from his father’s black book.

3.) Helix


A team of scientists are thrust into the Arctic to investigate a potential disease outbreak, but what they find there is creepier and far more serious than they thought. It’s the most horror inducing tv series I’ve seen for a good while, and I love it! Creepy scenes juxtaposed with happy, cheesy music…just my type of show!

So that’s it for today, I just want to apologise for the lack of posts this week but I’ve just moved back to university and it’s gotten crazy! I haven’t really watched any new films at the cinema really so I thought I would guide you through my TV schedule. Hope you enjoyed it!

Cuteness Monday…Chinchillas!

So, it’s that dreaded time of the week again, and I know this post is a lot later than usual, but I thought it would still give you the much needed motivation to get through the rest of the working week! And, I chose the perpetually cute Chinchillas to set your week off right!















Well I guess you all feel a little bit like this guy on a Monday morning…



Anyway guys, I hope you all have an amazing week and this has really made me want a chinchilla now…oops!

3 Horror Novels to Read this Autumn!

To carry on the horror theme of my topics this weekend, I thought I’d make a list of the best horror books to read to scare yourself silly this coming autumn! So, after some thorough research, here are my picks:

1.) Let The Right One In – John Lindqvist.


A classically updated vampire novel, which follows the curiosity of a little boy on his new neighbours next door. The book oozes creepiness, and not in a cliched way. It fully entails what it’s like to be human, and not human at the same time. If you like creepy, you can get more than your fair share from this book.

2.) NOS4A2 – Joe Hill.


A totally suspenseful novel, about supernatural disappearances and hidden children. It tells us about memories of a troubled past that beg to be forgotten, and how people’s lives eventually intertwine again. It tells of magic, and how love can come from the darkest places. Creepy and sweet.

3.) Coraline – Neil Gaiman.


Childish yet intensely eerie, this book encompasses the phrase ”the grass isn’t always greener on the other side”. It shows the foolishness of curiosity and shows claustrophobia in a different sense of the word (trapped in a different world). The protagonist grows up along her journey and begins to appreciate what she already has in life. 

I know that that is only a short list, but as I’m not a horror novel reader myself, I thought I’d have a brief look at what’s on offer out there. And, to be honest I think I’ll be trying a few out! 

As Above, So Below Film Review! [SPOILERS]

Last weekend I finally watched a horror actually in the cinema! A big deal for me, seeing as though a few years ago any thought of a horror film would freak me out! The weapon of choice was As Above, So Below, a film by the Dowdle brothers (Devil, Quarantine). I was initially frightened, but reassured myself that it wouldn’t be any scarier than watching the trailer in the daytime with the lights on and my beloved slanket. 


The trailer promised twists and turns, scattered throughout with mythological prophecies and ancient relics. It follows Scarlet, a student of archaeology and other sorts, who is on a mission to finish what her father couldn’t, to find the Philosopher’s Stone. We find her first in the middle east, where she goes to find a key that will help decipher the stone tablet the maker of the philosopher stone made to keep it safe and buried.


This leads them to the Catacombs in Paris, a mass grave that goes well below the Earth. And as they venture deeper into them, they become lost and trapped in the catacombs of their own minds. Along the way to finding the stone, they experience mistakes from their past that they never corrected. This is their own literal and metaphorical hell, and a few of the members of the team die along the way. In my view, it’s a physical representation of how to move forward, you have to let go or correct your past. 


The only problem with the film is it’s abrupt ending. Just as you think they’re about to go deeper, all of a sudden everything is ok and forgotten. Yes, so it doesn’t end with the atypical cliqued dark ending where they all die for their sins, but I quite like that, I wish they would have stretched it out in a more intellectual way though. The film packs a punch at every corner, and there were a few times where I could have literally jumped off the edge of my seat! 


If you’re going to watch any horrors this year, make sure it’s this one. Even though it’s been overlooked by the critics, it really is a hidden gem!

Enjoy your Sunday! 

Geeky Round-Up of the Week! (6/8/14)!

It’s my favourite time of the week again! The time that every little piece of geeky news will get me seriously excited! So, here’s my round-up of the top picks!

1.) Multiple Directors said for True Detective season 2.


The much-loved anthology series is diverting away from a single writer and director ensemble, and is said to be employing many different directors for it’s much anticipated second season! One of the rumoured directors is Justin Lin, the director of the Fast and Furious franchise. If this is true, then it begs the question, what’s going to be the tone of the next season?

2.) AMC confirms Walking Dead companion series is set to go into production.


This companion series is yet to be titled, but production is said to be starting in December, and focuses on a different place within the new zombie universe, created by Robert Kirkman. The Walking Dead returns on October 12th!

3.) Four creepy trailers released for American Horror Story: Freak Show!


If you weren’t scared/excited for the new series yet, you will be now. Four trailers have been released showing four of the different characters (whether they’ll be main or recurring, we don’t know), and they are as freaky as hell! You can watch them all at the link below:

4.) Ra’s al Ghul is finally cast for Arrow.


Sadly enough, it’s not going to be Liam Neeson again, however, the role will be played by Matt Nable. Let’s see how his version of the famous supervillain will be like!

5.) Premiere date cemented for Gotham.


The much awaited series is not set to start on September 22nd! And also, a couple promos and a behind the scenes one has been released too! So exciting! You can have a gander at these videos on the links below:

So that’s everything for this week so far! I’m super excited for every single one of them! Eep! Let me know what you guys think! 

Scientific Discoveries (6/8/14)!

It’s that time of the week again, even though it’s a little later this week! Lots of exciting things have happened this week and I’m here to break it down into bite-sized chunks for you to digest! Hope your Saturday is going well so far!

1.) Melanoma treatment is approved by the FDA.



A treatment called Keytruda, was very successful in a Phase 1 clinical trial, that the FDA have approved it’s use, and fast tracked it’s final development. This new therapy contains an antibody that will increase the ability of immune cells to fight against tumour cells, in this case the melanocytes. It stops the programmed cell death molecule from binding to healthy cells. It is hoped to reduce the high mortality rate of this kind of cancer in the future.


2.) Higgs Boson’s field has been discovered.



The Higgs Field, gives other particles mass by slowing their moving through the space vacuum. The vibrations that come from this, are a mathematical copy of Higgs Boson particles. The new field was found by shooting brief pulses of light at a superconductor, much in the same way they found the Higgs Boson particles.  


3.) Magnets detect Malaria in mere minutes.



Magnets could now be possibly be used to detect malaria before even symptoms appear. They spot imperceptible levels of parasites in the blood in order to do so. This way of testing also gives greater accuracy rather than the current methods, which may misdiagnose and therefore cause unnecessary deaths. It is hoped that this method will decrease depths and also reduce costs in both testing and medical fees.


Have a great weekend everyone!