The Monday Momentum Once Again!

We’ve reached an impass.

It’s Monday night and I’m sat on my bedroom floor considering that this time two days ago it would have been 21:35.  We lost a whole hour and my mind won’t settle to it. I’ve become the most terrible type of insomniac…I sleep but my dreams speak for all the extras hours I’ve lost.

My environment of late is toxic so I spend much more time in my room.

My Motivation at the moment belongs in a playlist and as many books as I can read that don’t fill my thoughts awake with academics.

So to share a few things today I have not words but a list of songs (listen to them when your view is lit by a beautiful sunshine or you’re feeling reflective):

  • Fools- Lauren Aquilina
  • Eet- Regina Spektor
  • The Way I Am- Ingrid Michealson
  • Breathe (2am)- Anna Nalick
  • Heal Over- KT Tunstall
  • Candy- Paolo Nutini
  • Atlas Hands- Benjamin Francis Leftwich
  • High Hopes- Kodaline
  • Bikes- Lucy Rose
  • Into The Wild- Lewis Watson
  • Riptide- Vance Joy
  • Obsessions- Marina and The diamonds


Daisy x


Trust Noone and Everyone

Trust no-one and everyone,

Have your glass half full and half empty,

Love fully and emptily,

Sing out loud and sing quietly,

Dance everywhere and dance in one spot,

Share everything and share nothing,

Write all you can and nothing at all.



3 Mini Motivations: Mothers’ Day Edition


Here we are again and it’s Mothering Sunday. I had 14 hours sleep last night and it was fantastic, but it also meant I did not wake in time to call my mommabear before she disappeared for the day with my dearest big brother!

I sent my card two weeks in advance and have been a fantastic daughter and offered to re-decorate the entire house, in three weeks, when I go home for Easter! (I think I was guilt-tripped)

My Three Mini-Motivations for this week all involve Le Matriach.

Numero Uno. This video. Thank You Mother’s Everywhere. You show us how to love, how to care because you posses those beautiful qualities yourself. You are the strongest people we know and love us unconditionally whatever you have going on and today is the day to show endless gratitude because it’s there all the time. We just need reminding to say thank you sometimes.

#2. Image

You can get Mothers’ Day cards from your pets. (Feeling a little bit unloved by my cat right now ;))

And Finally (Number 3), To my own lovely mum:

A mother’s bond it does not break,

yet what of love that does not take?

A flower seed to decompose,

But endlessly soothed by the word’s a mother knows.


Call her, take her out for the day, say thank you in some way. Remind her of something you are endlessly grateful for and let her know in return that even though there is not a thing you must return, you would without a second doubt give her the world like she did for you.

I love my mum and always will and appreciation I can never express!

Have a beautiful day,

Daisy x



20 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me…


1.) I love cooking! I always feel I either don’t have the time or it’s too expensive to cook on my own as a student. So unfortunately, a lot of takeaways and ready meals get eaten instead!

2.) I’m a neat freak! Everything in my room is neatly organised and has it’s own place, but thankfully I’m less strict about this than I used to be.

3.) I love the seaside. Hopefully in the future I can get a house by or close enough to the sea, as I love it there and always feel calm. Shame Liverpool doesn’t have many good beaches!

4.) I’m a big TV and film person. I watch way too many series and films in my spare time, it’s a wonder I get any university work done!

5.) I am obsessed with tea! I must have about 20 different types of tea in my cupboard at the moment and enough normal teabags to open a shop!

6.) I love reading! At the moment I’m reading Paper Towns by John Green. My favourite place to read is easily in bed!

7.) I’m very very organised! If you look at my schedule for this weekend, you’ll understand organised I get sometimes! It’s best for me to do this as I know I’m very lazy and having a list of things to do there will get me motivated!

8.) I’m a huuuuggeeee geek! I love so many fandoms it’s crazy! And plus, it doesn’t hurt that I love learning new things everyday either!

9.) I’m a huge romantic really! You won’t find me crying at romantic things at movies (apart from Up, if you can’t cry at that, what are you?!), but get e reading the same scenario in a book, and I’m sobbing like a baby!

10.) I love cheap stuff! Any deals that are on, I’m on it! I know how to scrimp and save my money for what’s important in life.

11.) I love fruits and veggies. I literally am in love with all of them, apart from mushrooms and olives!

12.) I have no idea how to ride a bike. Yes, I’m 20 years old and I don’t know how to ride a bike, surprising, huh?

13.) I’m still a little afraid of cats, yet I think they’re cute.

14.) I can’t sleep with any noise, even a little.

15.) I can’t sleep either without a little light. So I’m both a light sleeper and afraid of the dark, unless I’m with someone, then I’m ok!

16.) I was a vegetarian once for 3 years. I only stopped because drunk me on a night out would go into McDonald’s!

17.) I love sleep! At the moment as I’m very stressed with coursework, I nap and sleep even more than I usually do!

18.) I love to draw.

19.) I live with my Aunt and Uncle back at home.

20.) I’m a bit weird, and have a very random kind of humour!

Have a great weekend guys!




I’m a bit lazy at the moment, I even missed my field trip today because of the same reason! But there’s something about lying in those fluffy sheets in equally fluffy clothes; I feel relaxed and safe. Every now and again, being lazy is perfect for body and mind. We can lay in bed in our slobbiest clothes, with simple food, binge watching our favourite shows, and it’s perfect. Being lazy is even better with the person you love, being held by them while you both nap is both perfect and makes you feel safe. 

However we also need to be active to keep up our heath. That’s why in the next few days I’m going to see if I can incorporate some exercise into my everyday routine. So, I researched some tips on how to begin doing so:

1.) Exercise first thing in the morning.

2.) Stay active all day at work.

Even just simple stretches while writing that essay or taking the stairs instead of the lift can improve your physical fitness.

3.) Take a break between work for a walk around the block.

4.) Do leg lifts and such whilst watching TV.

I know these are only a couple tips, but I know I will try and corporate them into my day. And I hope they help you too!



Two Wristbands and A Pair Of Shoes (Surviving a Hangover)

‘the best part about now is there’s another one tomorrow’-The Splendour Of Now

Tripping over my feet,

patchy memories drifting through the mind which stilled the nausea.

Today I got my first hangover, it was precisely 7 hours I have no desire to ever repeat.

11.30 I wander out of bed and open my door to a perfectly placed pair of shoes and a flatmate with the news of what had occurred.

I went back to bed.

Overall, it was a good night. Overall, Today really sucked.

But here are 5 productive ways that I have been given and have discovered to prevent/make the most:

1. H2o: Water, water and more water! put a bottle by the side of your bed so that when you get in its there. the night before and the morning after it will be a godsend.

2. …zzzzZZZZ: Sleep it off, sleep for as long as you like but when you wake up stay awake because you’ll feel a lot worse if you sleep too much and still wake up with a headache.

3. Shower: The most refreshing thing you can do is get clean, it’s easy to sit around all day feeling rough and icky but actually starting your day will brighten your mindset (This however is not recommended when dehydrated or with nausea).

4. Chinese/Indian/Italian (I’m not talking about travel): Tried a smoothie? or spent the day in bed trawling through Facebook and tumblr? It’s probably time to eat and although takeout is far from healthy the fat is going to make you feel a lot better and being full is a great advantage at this point. you have the perfect excuse to eat your favorite food without the guilt, so why not use it?

5. And when all else fails there is TV. Whether you’re being naughty and streaming the latest episodes of The Big Bang Theory/ New Girl that have only been released in America or watching My Mad Fat Diary or Fresh Meat (for some comfort in your situation) on 4oD the world is yours and you can watch productivity without having to partake. You might even learn something you would never have known if you’d have gone to those lectures/work/social occasions.

Have a happy hangover day, share it with friends!

Daisy x


Stop comparing yourself!

One thing I learned yesterday was to stop comparing your grades, your relationships, your house, your whole life! If you do, you’ll never be satisfied with anything you accomplish or achieve! If you get 50% and another gets 70% on an exam, don’t worry about it, as long as you know you’ve tried your best, then you shouldn’t be mad at yourself! If your boyfriend only texts you sporadically, yet another girl’s boyfriend texts her all the time, don’t compare it, think about the time you spend together rather as that is more important. If someone else lives in a 5 bedroom mansion, yet you live in a 2 bedroom terraced house, don’t fret, as you probably use all the rooms in the house more than they’ve used one in theirs!

We need to be grateful for what we already have now, rather than what we don’t have. 

Once we start being grateful, our view of the world will ultimately change and we may begin to have a more positive outlook. I know that since I’ve started writing 3/5 things I’m grateful for each night, I’ve been feeling happier about the things I have in my life already. So, that’s my thought for today, be more grateful.

3 Mini Motivations: Springtime Seasonals

So here we are again with my Sunday Motivations to kick-start your week and today I had a lie-in, baked some blueberry/banana/honey muffins (which all disappeared within an hour) and went for a fantastic run (walk) in the park as it has been a beautiful day.

Three things you can be happy about right now are:

1. Blueberry Muffins are so easy to make and (when made right) one of your five a day.

Here’s my recipe:

  • 110g butter
  • 250g plain flour
  • 250g caster sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 125ml milk (or slightly less)
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • As many blueberries as you desire (roughly 100-150g)
  • 2 teaspoons of honey
  • (optional) other fruit

Put the flour and salt in one bowl, mix the eggs and sugar well then add in all the other ingredients before folding into the flour and putting into the oven on 180 C or gas mark 4 for about half an hour or so.

2. Tom from Mcfly did it again with his baby video. There is endless hope. I need say no more but Song…Cute Song…little person…*squee*

3. Hair Chalk is one of the best ways to re-invent your hair for a short amount of time. It’s so cheap on the interwebs and although my hair is currently blue here is a picture I found:


Have a fantastic week,

Daisy x

Forever Young

Now, I know immortality is not possible yet. But there is one thing you can do, be forever childlike. Jump up and down on your bed, always want to learn and wonder, try new things, just have fun. It may not be able to clear away cobwebs or wrinkles, but it will make you feel young and that anything is possible.

”It is the childlike mind that finds the kingdom” – Charles Fillmore

That’s my thought for this weekend. Even though it was a 21st I went to last night, having a magician and pass the parcel brought the child in me out, and made for a brilliant night.

So, get out there, play in the swings, watch cartoons in your pajamas, don’t have a care in the world.

Happy Sunday!




A love letter…

Dear D (AKA Catbug),

It’s almost been 6 months now since I met you and decided I would be yours. And along the way I fell in love. Before you, I didn’t believe in love, couldn’t believe in love, because of all that I went through before you. I fell in love with all the little bits of you. The way your hair flicks to the left, your crooked smile, the way you kiss me on the forehead. You’ve made me into this forever romantic with your kindness, your forehead kisses, the way I can just be myself with you. I hope this doesn’t embarrass you, but I always forget to voice these words when I’m around you. I can never worry when you’re around, you make me feel safe and calm; you are like my prozac, and just as addictive. I love how you’ll try anything with me: we’ve gone ice-skating, played video and board games, cooked together, and no matter what, we can be ridiculously silly together. Even if we don’t have any set plans (which we hardly do anyway!), we still have the same amount of fun in our PJ’s, with junk food, Netflix, and video games. And even more so when we just stare into each others eyes, lying on the bed, just talking. I could honestly list all the things I love about you and still be here typing till tomorrow morning: the way you ‘jump’ just as you’re about to fall asleep, the noise you make when I kiss your nose, your laugh when you find something REALLY funny, the way you squeeze me tight, the way you tease me about my height and other things, even the way you look in the morning. You’re gorgeous and perfect to me. And I hope to be with you for many more.

Love, Chief x